Natural Treatment of Sleep Disorders Using Food

Sleep is something we all need .
Lack of it is also one of the most common issue more and more of us face .

So The Question is :
How food can help as a natural treatment of sleep disorders ?

You have heared it said before " You are what you Eat " .It bears repeating beacuse it is true .
Your diet has a direct influence on your health , the way you feel and , you gussed well you sleep. Yes , there is such a thing as a sleep-friendly diet and luckily , it is not all that difficult to follow .

While it may seem like a daunting task to take a look at the foods you eat and make sure you are following a diet that will help as a natural treatment of sleep disorders rather than hinder your sleep , it is really not that difficult .
Yet there are so many people who turn to drugs whether they be prescribed sleeping medications or over-the-counter sleeping tablets to help them fall asleep each night .
For them , taking a pill seems easier than trying to correct the actual source of the problem using some methods for natural treatment of sleep disorders .

The main issue with this approach is that it is only easy in the begining .Once you start to rely on sleeping pills to get you to sleep , your body becomes tolerant of them and they don't work as well .
And there is a reality you may not have considered.....It is common to awaken from these drugs with a groguy feeling that takes quite a while to pass .
It is definitely not that refreshed and well-rested feeling you are after .

Eating the right foods , however , can help you as a natural treatment of sleep disorders without the need for knocking yourself out with pills .
And there is an added benefit to choosing a sleep-inducing diet all of the foods are completely healthy too , they may even help you shed a couple of pounds if you are carrying some excess weight .
With no negative side effects and a few added bonuses , there is no doubt that food is the way to go .

which types of food you should consume for natural treatment of sleep disorders ?

Foods that contain tryptophan are great for helping you feel sleepy .
Turkey is famous for it but you can also find tryptophan in dairy products , beans and other foods containing protein .
In addition eating plenty of healthy fruits , vegetables and whole grains will help in natural treatment of sleep disorders .

When you feel better , it is a lot easier to get to sleep at night .

Remeber :
It is best not to go to bed on a full stomach so you should eat dinner a few hours before bed time .
If you feel hungry just before bed , try having a small glass of milk to tide you over and help you sleep at the same time .

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Want Age Brown Spots Free Skin?

Brown spots are one of the main skin problems that many people suffer beacuse of having it .
To get rid of these brown spots you should firstly know more about it .
Brown spots are small spots on the skin .
Also called liver spots age spots and sun spots.
Usually appear on face , hands and shoulders .

what causes them ?

Brown spots appear due to aging of the skin .
Researchs show that there are 2 distinct types of this skin aging :

(1) Internal Aging
Caused by the genes we inherit so called natural aging .
It is continous process normally begins in mid-20s .
Within the skin , collagen production slows and elastin , the substance that enables skin to snap out back into place .
The signs of internal aging are typically not visible for decades .
These signs are fine wrinkles , thin transparent skin and loss of underlying fat beside loss of firmness on the hands and neck .
Genes control how quickly the normal aging process unfolds .

(2) External Aging
Caused by environmental factors , such as exposure to sun's rays .
A number of external factors act together with the normal aging process to prematurely age skin .
This type of skin aging mainly caused by sun exposure and other factors (repetitive facial expressions , sleeping positions and smoking).
Photoaging is the term dermatologists use to describe this type of aging caused by exposure to the sun's rays especially the ultra violet ones .

The amoun of photoaging that develops depends on :
Person's skin color (the darker the less affected) and History of long-term or intense sun exposure .
Photoaging occurs over a period of years with repated exposure to the sun , the skin loses its ability to repair itself and so skin damage accumulates .

How to avoid these brown spots ?

Protection from the begining is better .
You knew that sun rays especially ultra violet ones are the main cause of the aging spots and this can be controled .

1-Avoid exposure to sun rays to protect your skin from sun damage .
If you love to have sun bath , stay out of the sun during the danger hours from 10 AM-4 PM and use umbrella when getting out door at these times .
2-Apply sun screen half an hour before going outside .
3-Don't forget to protect your lips too by using lip stick or lip balm .
4-Wear clothes with light colors that made of fabric as it reflects the sun rays so have more sun protection .

Brown Spots Treatment

(1) Laser Treatment Used to reduce or eradicate the spots .
It depends on the cause of the spot.
(2) Microdermabraison This treatment procedure works by taking off the top layers of skin to get rid of the brown age spots and allow new skin cells to develope .
(3) Bleaching Used for fading brown age spots but it takes months to accomplish .

Some Home Remedies for skin brown spots

Use them to help your skin get rid of these spots
1- Fruits and vegetables masks as strawberries and cucumbers to lighten the spots .
2-Horseradish vinegar on the skin is helpful .
3-Apply apple cider vinegar by mixing it with orange juice .
You can use cotton pads in applying it to the affected area .
4-Apply lemon juice two times per day as its acidic nature helps lightening these age brown spots .

4 Steps to Exfoliate your skin Naturally

Exfoliating skin is a must to have it smooth and lighter .

When you exfolitae your skin , dead superficial cells are removed and that promotes new cell growth that gives beautiful skin appearance .

Here are the 4 steps to exfoliate your skin naturally :

(1) Facial Skin
Use a mixture of one small spoon olive oil and half small spoon sugar .
Put it on your face and start to distribute it with circular motion using your fingers tip for 5-10 minutes .
Then remove it using tape water and dry your face .
You will feel that your skin is very oily , no problem this will go after 15-30 minutes so don't wash your face again .

(2) Body Exfoliation
There is 2 methods :
First one
Mix together 4 table spoon of olive oil + half lemon juice + one table spoon of salt + 2 table spoon brown sugar .
Rub your body with that mixture from down to up in circular motion for 10 minutes then take hot shower then with tape water .
Second one
Mix together juice of half lemon + 2 small spoon olive oil + 2 small spoon almond oil + 2 table spoon youghrt .
Put this mixture on your skin and leave it for 1-2 hours .
Then rub it .

(3) For your Hands
You can use any one of the previous 2 methods plus this :
Mash 3-5 ripe strawberries , drain the juice and combine with one table spoon of sugar and a little bit of any light oil of your choice .
Apply the resulting mixture to your hands by using a circular motion .
This will condition and exfoliate the skin , leaving it soft and smooth .

(4) Feets Exfoliation
Firstly put your feets into mixture of hot water with salt for 15 minutes to remove any dead skin .
Then after drying put vaseline on them and wear your socks to go to bed .
Do that daily before sleeping and you will have cracks free feets .

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4 Rules to Take Care of your Hair

Hair is very important for woman's look so she must take care of it .
Here are our 4 rules to take care of your hair and have it beautiful & healthy .

The most first and important rule is :

Balanced and Healthy Food

Your hair needs certain nutrients to keep growing .

You need to include in your meals :
Fish (Salmon)
Salmon Fish contains Ample protein which is an important factor that stimulate hair growth also it is an excellant source of both iron and vitamin B12 which keep the scalp health .
Green Vegetables
The best source of vitamin A and C which are important to build strong immune system and so have healty body and health hair .
Eggs and chicken
They are good source of protein that your hair needs .
Don't consume fried chicken or barbecue and instead consume it steamed .
Contain Ample protein , iron and calcium .
Studies show that cow's milk prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth .
Almonds , pecans and wal nuts are very healthy .
They rich in selenium that makes the scalp health .

To prevent hair loss drink biotin rich ones like this :
blend bananas with milk and honey and drink it for 4 weeks at least .

The 2nd rule to take care of your hair is :

Wash your hair every 2-3 days to avoid drying your skin or preventing hair from essential oils .
Wash your hair with lower temprature not very hot water as it damages the hair .

Use a shampoo designed for your type of hair .
Rub it on your hands to evenly distribute and don't put the shampoo in the middle of your hand and push it into the middle of your scalp .

Use hair conditioner which is formulated for your hair type , let it soak into your hair for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly .
For dry coarse hair condition the ends of your hair well every time you wash them .

The 3rd one
Drying and Brushing

Put the towel on your head into a turban but , when you take it off pat the hair in between the towel instead of rubbing your head with it .
If you must use blow dryer , set it on low or medium heat .

Use a comb instead of the brush and pick up sections of your hair to comb easily and carefully .
Start with the distal part of your head not with the scalp .

Our 4th rule to take care of your hair :
Trimming and Coloring

Get regular trims and your hair will keep growing .
Without a trim you get split ends .
Split ends break and tear leaving ugly ends and will not let your hair grow as long as if you get it trimmed .

If you color your hair , stay within two shades of your natural color .
Color should compliment your skin tone and eye color .

Those were 4 rules to take care of your hair and If you love to know more rules and tips for longer and healthier hair , you can see this good informative guide HERE